Written by Dr. Christina M. Macalino

George Floyd – May 25, 2020

I still remember May 25, 2020 as if it was just yesterday. I was home, on medical leave, recovering from my seventh brain procedure. And on top of that, this was in the midst of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place (SIP) restrictions. Thus, just like many Americans – or teenagers and adults around the world – I was lurking on social media. I remember laying on the couch, tapping into every post, story, and hashtag that showed up on my feed or was DMed to me by friends and family. 

That evening, I tapped into a video that I grotesquely watched at least five times. First it showed up on my feed and then it was sent, tagged, DMed, and texted to me – the video of George Floyd who was pinned to the ground by Officer Derek Chauvin for nine minutes and 20 seconds. 

Say Their Names (2020)

In addition to George Floyd, here are other African Americans that were killed by the hands of the police, the ones who theoretically take the higher ground to serve and protect us. For more information go to Know Their Names to learn about: what she/he was doing moments before being killed, how she/he was killed, and what police accountability (or lack of) was taken after each death. 

Rayshard Brooks (Atlanta, Georgia) was killed at a fast-food restaurant parking lot. He was shot twice in the back for supposedly resisting arrest. 

Daniel Prude (Rochester, New York) was restrained for over three minutes. An autopsy report found that he died of “complications of asphyxia” due to restraint. 

Breonna Taylor (Louisville, Kentucky) was unarmed and shot eight times in her apartment. 

Reflection from May 2020 – May 2021

Specifically, George Floyd’s death really impacted my educator frame of mind because police brutality also mirrors the inequities and social injustices Black and Brown students face in the K-12 system. It made me reflect on my why, on my purpose, and my role and influence as a K-12 educator. Here are the reflection questions Elin and I reflected upon and unpacked as individual educators and as educator business partners:

Tune in to our podcast Season 1, Episode 9 to hear about Elin and my reflections from May 2020 – May 2021. Take a listen to how we approach our counselor and administrator roles and responsibilities since May 25, 2020 and how we continue to bring the street protests to the classrooms – and how you can, too!

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