05. Exit Interviews in School Districts- Do they even exist?

Written by Dr. Christina M. Macalino, April 2021 I’m not saying that they do not exist what-so-ever. This blog is written based on Elin and my professional experiences. If you haven’t done so already, read blog March 2021: Lucky or Unlucky 7 and take a listen to our podcast episode #5 also entitled Lucky or […]

04. Teacher Wishlist

Sarah Pipping, Public School Educator by Christina M. Macalino, March 2021 Educator Non-Negotiables In your 20s, the question usually is – What are your top 10 non-negotiables? Then in the early 30s, the question becomes – top 5 non-negotiables? And, then late 30s early 40s – top 3 non-negotiables?? These questions are typically discussed with […]

03. Lucky or Unlucky 7?

Elin and Christina’s Career Journey by Christina M. Macalino, March 2021 Our Career Journey Elin and I both had seven district moves. Definitely a lot to unpack here.  Elin’s Career Path: Alameda (counselor: 1 year) San Lorenzo (counselor: 4 years) South City (counselor: 1.5 years) Oakland (administrator: 1.5 years) Pacifica (administrator: 4 years) South City […]

02. Our Why

Written by Christina M. Macalino February 2021 Despite the fact we were both born and raised in Oakland, and we lived less than two miles a part from each other, Elin and I finally crossed paths during our high school years. Since our junior year, we have been close friends, or homies as we prefer […]

01. Moving Forward

Written by Christina M. Macalino February 2021 Elin and Christina – friends, homies, classmates, Oaklanders, first generation, educators, life-long learners, and  co-conspirators.  Education Experience This academic school year is Elin’s 15th year in education. She started off as a high school counselor, then moved on as a high school administrator, and eventually returned to counseling […]