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by Dr. Christina M. Macalino, June 2021

School-Site Administrator ~ Julie Calderon

Out of my 16 years in education, I have served, as a teacher and administrator, under eight administrative teams. I am just counting eight school-site principals – I am not counting the vice/assistant principal changes because there were just too many to count. Out of the plethora of supervisors, there are only two direct supervisors I keep in touch with until this very day – and Julie Calderon being one of them. Elin, as a counselor, and I, as a teacher, had the privilege to serve under Ms. Calderon at San Lorenzo High School. 

What made Julie stand out from all of the principals and vice/assistant principals? 

Even though I worked at San Lorenzo High School for one year, Ms. Calderon definitely made a huge impact on me. Let me count the ways…(in no particular order)

  1. She was the first female administrator of color I have ever met, thus served under.
  2. She greeted me in the hallway every time we crossed paths. 
  3. She was a former English teacher … I mean, hello?! 
  4. She took the time to coach and provide insight when I was admin job hunting (on more than one occasion – lol refer to blog #3). 
  5. She loves being an educator – her accomplishments, attitude, and presence show it. 
  6. She is a life-long learner. 
  7. She puts family first. PERIOD. And she has done that ever since I have known her, so this is not a new personal phenomenon. 
  8. She is an advocate and avid self-care participant. The proof is in the (IG) pudding – she hikes, dances, attends consistent gym sessions, spends time with her family, and has girls’ night outs throughout the school year. 

Julie Calderon’s Educational Journey

As of the closure of the 2020-21 academic year, Ms. Calderon completed her 25th year in education! (Yadadada!) She is currently serving the Bay Area community as a Principal of Alternative Education for Newark Unified School District. Take a listen to Episode 11: Principal Julie Calderon – Self Care and Educator Goals to hear more about Ms. Calderon’s educational journey and self-care practices. 

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