Written by Dr. Christina M. Macalino, April 2021

Have you ever written a statement on behalf of your team or business, particularly a statement about race or violence? 

Stance Statements

Elin and I follow a number of educators who are authors, consultants, K-12 teachers and/or university professors, and a few of them have mentioned on podcast episodes that they make BANK writing statements for businesses and school districts, especially within the past year regarding BLM, political tension, and Asian hate crimes. When I heard this in a few episodes, my first reaction was, “Bruh…y’all can’t write your own stance or statement?” 

Within the past eight months, I have written a total of four statements, specifically regarding: Black Lives Matter (2020), the attack on our nation’s capital (2021), and two statements on the Anti-Asian Violent Attacks (2021). 

With three out of four of these statements, I had to write them on behalf of an administrative team, so those statements took extra long to draft. And because it is on behalf of a team, I had to make sure each statement was: 

An Art Form

And after writing a few statements, real talk…I can understand why companies hire consultants and outside agencies to write these statements. Each statement I wrote was less than 400 words (2-3 paragraphs), but goodness, it takes me ALLLLL day to write each one of them. Personally, for each statement, I put as much thought and effort as I did for my doctoral dissertation. 

Specifically, on behalf of the administrative team, this is the format I used for each statement:

This is NOT a new phenomenon. 

And, regardless, for whatever the topic was (BLM, political unrest, AAPI hate crimes), I had a common line – this is NOT a new phenomenon. Each of these issues are cultivated by racism, white supremacy, and systemic practices that are meant to hold people of color in their current state of turmoil and to be ultimately divided, so we can maintain the status quo, that status quo being that the white race (European descent) is the norm in our local and global society. 

With that said, I am not a certified business statement writer. These statements come from our (Elin and I) beliefs, experiences, heart, reflections, and moral compass. 

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