Written by Dr. Christina M. Macalino, April 2021

I’m not saying that they do not exist what-so-ever. This blog is written based on Elin and my professional experiences. If you haven’t done so already, read blog March 2021: Lucky or Unlucky 7 and take a listen to our podcast episode #5 also entitled Lucky or Unlucky 7. The blog and podcast episode will provide contextual information to this blog and our upcoming, supplementary podcast episode. 

So as previously discussed (via blog and podcast episode), both Elin and I have made a total of seven district moves a piece – Christina a total of 7 district moves within 15 years in the educational field and Elin a total of 7 district moves within 14 years in the educational field. 

Exit Interview Experiences

So let’s start off with Elin; she has undergone 0/7 exit interviews.

I have personally experienced 2/7 exit interviews. The first exit interview I participated in, I’m not really sure if I would consider it an exit interview. It was a nice feel-good conversation. I was told that I was: 

Sure enough, I was round-about-asked if I had any feedback for the district, I don’t specifically recall if I truly gave any feedback or insight because at that time I did not secure a job at another district. Thus, I could not trust that I would receive a positive, supporting letter of recommendation and/or phone call reference if I divulged my true thoughts and observations. 

As for my second exit interview, I personally REQUESTED the exit interview. I mean I literally drove to the District Office and walked my happy ass to the Superintendent’s office to request an exit interview (because no one reached out to me for an exit interview and I had a lot to express). 

So here are the questions that we will be discussing in a future podcast:

And then of course, you will hear Elin’s and my thought’s on exit interviews and our personal recommendations. 

Do you have any exit interview interviews you can share? Did you find them valuable or a waste of time? Hit us up at empoweredconsultingllc@gmail.com or on Instagram @empoweredconversationspod. We would love to hear from you and have a collaborative conversation. -Elin and Christina

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