Elin and Christina’s Career Journey

by Christina M. Macalino, March 2021

Our Career Journey

Elin and I both had seven district moves. Definitely a lot to unpack here. 

Elin’s Career Path:

  1. Alameda (counselor: 1 year)
  2. San Lorenzo (counselor: 4 years)
  3. South City (counselor: 1.5 years)
  4. Oakland (administrator: 1.5 years)
  5. Pacifica (administrator: 4 years)
  6. South City (counselor: 2 years)
  7. San Mateo (counselor: current, year 1)

Christina’s Career Path:

  1. San Jose (teacher: 3 years)
  2. San Lorenzo (teacher: 1 year)
  3. Oakland (teacher: 2.5 years & administrator: 3.5 years)
  4. Millbrae (administrator: 2 years)
  5. Oakland (administrator: 1 years)
  6. Mountain House (administrator: 2 years)
  7. Concord (administrator: current, year 1)

School District Resignation

At one of my school districts, I had two direct supervisors. When I was in the process of resigning from the school district, both supervisors asked me to reconsider my resignation. My mind was already made up; there was absolutely no turning back. My final answer was a hard, but respectful, no. 

Both resignation conversations went something like this:

However, after looking back at these conversations, the conversation should have went something like this:

And just to clear some things up…

K-12 Educator Retention

Absolutely, teacher retention is a huge issue. And, school counselor retention is an issue. And, school site administrator retention is an issue. Basically K-12 educator retention is an issue. However, there are numerous  articles addressing teacher retention but barely any articles addressing school counselor and administrator retention. Yes, there are some, but one would have to dig deep into the research realm, such as scholarly journal sites. 

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